From Paddock to Self-Sustaining Sports Oval

Over 5 stages and two years, PTA Landscapes have undertaken the development of a range of projects for CRC Caroline Springs including a series of courtyards and outdoor educational spaces.

The courtyard works included paving, shelter construction, concrete walls, seating, garden beds and a water feature.

Most recently PTA Landscapes developed the school’s unused paddock into a specialised self-sustaining sports oval. PTA Landscapes designed and constructed an irrigation and water harvesting system which collects water run off from the existing synthetic grassed sports field, gymnasium roof and surround surfaces. This run off is then transferred into a purpose built water storage system to irrigate the sports oval, any unused water from the irrigation which is not absorbed by the soil profile is collected via a series of agricultural drains and fed back through the tanks for re-use.

BEFORE – existing paddock.

AFTER – completed Sports Oval.

Surrounding the oval are feature garden beds, bench seating, multipurpose timber platforms and shade shelters.

‘PTA Landscapes have completed extensive landscaping work at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs. The work they performed was of an exceptionally high standard and has made a great improvement to the College. The staff are very professional and knowledgeable and consulted extensively with us during all stages of the process. I would highly recommended PTA Landscapes’. Kate Dishon, Principal, CRC Caroline Springs

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