PTA Landscapes’ “Ïnnovation Walk” project, constructed for Monash University, Clayton, was awarded the Commercial Landscape of the year (for works over $500,000) at the 2016 Landscaping Victoria Awards, The evening, which celebrated Landscaping Victoria’s 50th Anniversary, saw PTA Landscapes take the major Commercial Landscape Awards along with three Highly Commended Awards. PTA Landscapes was also recongnised for its 25 years of membership supporting the landscaping industry as one of the longest standing members.


Judges’ Comments on the Winning Project – Innovation Walk
PTA’s ability to produce construction work of such a high standard, in conditions that could only be described as a logistical nightmare, was exemplary. 
The materials used in this project were of the highest quality, strong attention to detail has clearly been payed to cuts and control joints and this is evident in the flawless finish of the outdoor structural works. PTA’s diverse and innovative approach, along with technical accuracy has resulted in a spectacular outcome for the client.

Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards 2016 – PTA Landscapes’ Awards.

Innvovation Walk, Monash University Clayton – Commercial Landscape Construction Over $500 000 – WINNER.

InnovationWalkDay_012_1 (1280x853)


Innovation Walk, Monash University Clayton – Hard Structures in the Landscape – HIGHLY COMMENDED

InnovationWalkDawn_023_1 (1280x853)

InnovationWalkDawn_011_1 (1280x853)

Catholic Regional College Melton – Landscape Design Over 200sqm – HIGHLY COMMENDED


DSC_6874 (2) (1024x683)

Anzac Memorial Prahran – Commercial Landscape Construction Under $500 000 – HIGHLY COMMENDED


Years of Membership Acknowledgement – 25 Years



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